Vice President & Co-Founder 

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Before coming to Strategia, Matthew was an integral part of the daily operations at Serafin & Associates. At Serafin, Matthew was able to bring his world view to local and national issues. His visionary perspective opened new doors and possibilities for clients seeking a diverse path to success. 

As a Spanish-speaker, he lived and worked for two months in Toluca, Mexico, setting up and promoting an Up with People production as well as building connections throughout the community. Matthew formed tremendous relationships with local partners, enabling the nonprofit to realize its vision of community service outreach. This commitment to client relationships helps blaze a path for their success.

Matthew brings broad experience in media relations, corporate social responsibility and community engagement with private firms and nonprofit organizations in Chicago, Charlottesville, Denver and Milwaukee. Matthew worked on the re-election campaign of former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and volunteered his time as a speaker and photographer with the International Rescue Committee in Denver.

Matthew first experienced a DSLR camera at age 16, while on a student photo expedition with National Geographic through the Grand Canyon and San Juan River. While majoring in Corporate Communication in the Honors College at Marquette University, he excelled as a staff photographer for the Marquette Wire, then was promoted to photo editor.

In his spare time, Matthew is always searching for the next opportunity to combine his dual pursuits of travel and photography. And, while he is no longer performing weekly in a far-flung location, Matthew serves as communications chair on the Up with People Alumni Association Board of Governors. Each month, he's responsible for a newsletter dispersed to over 10,000 alumni representing more than 70 nations. 

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