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Think. Plan. Do.

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CREATIVE – From local government to Capital Hill to International business relationships, Lissa has the creative relationships to develop connections to surpass client needs. 


STRATEGIST – Be it a city-wide crisis, a new business venture, or feeling the pulse of a community Lissa has proven time and again, she has the right strategy for any client, anytime, anywhere.


ACCOMPLISHED – Nine Emmys, local, national, and international government and business accolades, strong relationships with elected officials at every level of government, unparalleled experience in crisis communication, Lissa has the accomplishments to back up the hype.


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ANALYTICAL – With an impressive ability to see the whole picture, Eric's analysis will provide meticulous insight to maximize client potential. 


STRATEGIST – Eric has the proven ability to see the big picture and develop a strategy to help clients succeed in any venture.


TACTICIAN – Eric brings demonstrated success in real-world execution from local to internationally watched events with experience at the local, state, and national level, Eric has created solutions to solve problems at every level of government. 


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MATTHEW SERAFIN, Vice President & Co-Founder 

IMAGINATIVE – Matthew's worldview is founded in a family legacy of success working with elected officials, corporations, nonprofit and media organizations. He builds on this foundation by bringing imaginative solutions to real-world problems. 


STRATEGIC – From the editor's desk on a college newspaper to the linoleum floor of a foreign orphanage, the strategic process Matthew uses to bring a vision to reality has been proven in the real world.


GLOBAL – Matthew is a world traveler who thrives on making connections and building bridges. A year on tour doing community service and performing arts in Up with People took Matthew across the globe to 14 different countries, creating a unique understanding of multi-national issues. 


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LOGICAL- Judy approaches any issue with a direct, well-considered approach. Utilizing her decades of experience in the public and private sector, Judy maps out the possible from the improbable


STRATEGIC- No matter the issue, no matter the complexity involved, Judy's analysis is rooted in the short, medium, and long-term delivery of goals.


DRIVEN- Unceasing energy, tremendous passion, and exemplary dedication to achieving the objective are the hallmarks of Judy's commitment to serving a client's needs to advance what's important to them.


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JUDY PAL, Of Counsel

Judy Pal,Of Counsel

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