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Strategia Consulting is a firm that specializes in government relations and lobbying services with federal, state and local elected officials; enhancing U.S. and international business relations through public affairs relationships and precise communication strategies, and excels in crisis communications and media relations training for any size company. 

Founder and CEO Lissa Druss remains in strong collaboration with Serafin & Associates.


Lissa is a nine-time Emmy award-winning journalist who has impeccable skills in human relations. She is known across the country and in Europe for executing effective government relationship plans and is sought out by celebrities and corporate executives when the S*&t hits the fan, or when a trusted advisor is needed to navigate potential damaging publicity or litigation. Mitigating or eliminating damage to a company’s reputation is what Lissa is known for.

Lissa’s forged an undeniable reputation for success in the crucible of crisis. From helping a city recover from exposure to toxic chemicals, shepherding a community through the revival of a corrupt police department, to rebuilding the shattered trust of a community ravaged by crime, she has truly been at the vanguard of critical crisis communication response. The same tenacity that has made her a success in crisis is on vivid display in her phenomenal bi-partisan relationships with some of the most influential members of the United States House and Senate. She is respected by staffers, Congressman, and Senators alike; all offering praise of her commitment to delivering results to her clients, be they municipal ones or international corporations.


Lissa’s vice president and partner in crime is Eric Kowalczyk. As a crisis resolution expert and a national trainer for communication specialists, he faced hundreds of hours network media coverage as the face of the Baltimore Police Department during the “Freddie Grey Riots.” He was responsible for developing and executing the crisis communication strategy during the most violent and destructive riots in the last 40-years of Baltimore’s history. After serving as a Captain and Chief Spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department, Eric can handle anything.

As a 2016 Tedx BeaconStreet speaker, he has developed a reputation of being dynamic thinker, drawing on a diverse set of skills to quickly identify problems and develop innovative solutions and long-term prevention strategies. Eric specializes in critical incident mitigation, public affairs, municipal communications, internal/external communications strategy, video production for social media, social media, media relations/training, community development and mediation, community problem solving, deployment planning, and neighborhood outreach. Eric has trained more than 1000 communication specialists in 40 cities and has presented at numerous national conferences.